The Glass House x Yayoi Kusama

In September this year there was a fantastic art-meets-architecture collaboration between Philip Johnson’s famed Glass House & the uber successful Japanese artist Yayoi Kusama.  

After checking your stuff at the gift shop, a shuttle bus drives you to the Glass House in New Canaan,CT

First thing you see is a severe looking gate 

Good thing the weather was perfect 

Then we approached the glass house on foot–the architect designed the house to slowly reveal itself in an undulating fashion 

Normally the house has clear glass walls but artist Yayoi Kusama is famous for her polka dot installations and so had covered the house in bright red polka dots

It was breathtaking!

The Great Pupkin at Fort Greene Park 2016

Rounding up the final weekend of Nyc dog costume contests was the 18th annual Great Pupkin at Fort Greene park in Brooklyn.   

There were some familiar dogs we saw last week at Tompkins square, but overall a more eclectic and zany bunch of costumes.  

First—a dog dressed as a Chanel bag accompanied by Karl Lagerfeld / longtime Chanel head designer! 

Ooh! The Milkman is looking for this dog…

This was the first Mr. Robot themed costume I’ve seen—loved it!

Next Good Humor Ice cream Truck & treats

Strawberry Eclair

Iris Apfel–fashion icon

Smores!! πŸ”₯⛺️

Farm Fresh Chicken Eggs 🍳 

Lumberjack’s best friends: chainsaw & log

Punk Rocker

Flying monkees from the Wizard of Oz

Of course we brought our Stranger Things wall & Eleven

Mario, yoshi & princess peach

And finally a bichon inspires his humans to dress up as a gaggle of bichons

Perfect end to October 

Halloween Dessert Bazaar

Normally an upper west side flea market on weekends–this weekend was a sweets bazaar. A nice alternative if you were unable to get tickets to the Dessertgoals first annual fest that was also happening today.  

Rainbow 🌈🌈🌈 Rice krispy treats


Pumpkin custard donut     

Apple butter donut with white cheddar 

There was a fancy decorate it yourself cake kit

Earl grey gelato 

International muffins 

Creepy Halloween nyc themed cookies 


Chocolate chip cupcakes 

It can be hard to juggle all the sweets at the bazaar 

If you need a savory break from the sugar rush there was a tornado potato truck 

Eureka Pop up restaurant @ Kava

We were very curious about Flynn McGarry’s popup restaurant Eureka.  McGarry is notable for having staged fine dining at a very young age (like a Doogie Houser meets Momofuku/Eleven Madison Park).  Eureka makes multiple month stints in Nyc & LA at shifting locations–this time at Kava (803 Washington st in nyc).  

The young chef below

First course: foie gras on ritz cracker. (torchon with quince & peanut)

Next sunchoke with grain emulsion & sourdough chip

Broccoli florets glazed in summer tomato & molasses accompanied by broccoli leaves dried over coals with fermented green tomato & shrimp 

Maine sea urchin brined in sea water with carrot & coffee** this was my favorite 

Toast soaked in gruyere fat & maple syrup 

Montauk pearl oysters poached with fresh tofu & potato skins

Young potatoes roasted in yogurt with sprouting grains and mussels

King crab stew with braised leeks rose & grapefruit 

Red kuri squash glazed in pumpkin char sui with yogurt and lime 

Aged beet with bordelaise & tea made from the beet greens 

Pheasant with celeriac au vin and mustard

Now for the sweets! Concord grapes & sage

Barley ice cream with dark spiced cake & poached pears

Tompkins Square Dog Park’s Howloween 2016

Our dog showcased his Stranger Things’ Wall costume once more at the 26th annual Tompkins square dog parade. This time we added a demogorgon (the carnivorous flower faced monster) to the mix.

Waiting to enter judging area (Giuliana Rancic was the celebrity judge today). Rain didn’t stop big crowds from showing today 

Our normally comprehensive cataloging of dog costumes was cut short this year due to the cold and rainy weather but here are some of our favorites! 

Trojan horse & roman soldiers 

Harry Potter & friends 

Game of Thrones: daenarys & three dragon eggs

Joker & jokermobile 

Chik-fil-A dog


The purple one: Prince 

Freddy Kruger & taco

Sweet Shoppe (the grand prize winner) 🍭🍬🍭🍬🍭🍬🍭🍬


Three headed dogkissing booth 

Calypso lady 

Psychic/Tarot card reader

Fisherwoman & Orca

Danny & Sandy from Grease

Flower box & bee & ladybug 



Star Wars: obi wan kenobi

Totoro (my favorite!!)

Campbell soup can!! 

Post judging: the Wall & Eleven bask in spotlight 

Eleven wanted to see what being a demogorgon feels like….

Photoprops at the Beggin strips photobooth

Goodnight sweet Bichon (time to R-U-N)

Hudson Valley Blaze: Jack-o-lanterns on steroids!!

Croton-on-Harmon hosts a jack-o-lantern extravaganza every October!  It’s simply out of this world.  Thousands of pumpkins (both real & foam craft sort) are carved & stacked into enormous sculptures. Located an hours train ride from nyc, it’s an easy day trip for the family. 



Wedding cake/proposal 

Spider web

Hall of stars!!

Haunted house & grandfather clock

Pumpkin Zee Bridge


bride of Frankenstein 

Sea Dragon

China cabinet 

Haunted house

Zoo animals! 

Witches brewing a potion


Jack in the box

Scary face 

Venus flytraps & sunflowers 


Beehive Upside down (maybe it’s just me but this looks like the Bolton Sigil from Game of Thrones)

Care bear commute 🏑 after a wonderful Blaze 

Halloween Howl @ Carl Schurz Park 2016

There are many dog costume contests in NYC–this is one of the earlier ones in October.  

Perfect weather meant the crowds came out !

 There were so many great dogs costumes; here’s a few of my favorites:




From Netflix’s smash hit Stranger Things the Wall & Eleven

Then they meet another Stranger Things dog version of Eleven plus Dustin 

Pokeball from PokΓ©mon 



Half of Cellino & Barnes/barks

A mummy & pharoah 

Toothpaste & brush 

Where’s Waldo?

Thing 1 &Thing 2


Bees & beekeepers

Cop & donut

Alice in wonderland, Cheshire Cat & teapot 

Cupcake & baker

Super dog & superman car

Eggs & bacon 

Hamburger, ketchup & fries



Wonder Woman 


Sherlock Holmes 

Breast cancer awareness cow

Super girl dogs

Spaghetti & meatballs 

Curious George, man in yellow hat & bananas

Where the Wild Things Are

Magic Schoolbus 

Wonka Bar

Voting ballot box

Pan Am stewardess 

Starbucks frappuccino 

The Wall enjoyed dazzling the crowds with custom twinkling lights