Celebratory dinner at ARIA

While on vacation I found out I passed a huge test! Coincidentally we were already planning to go to ARIA before I knew there was a reason to celebrate.

Anyway Here is the amuse bouche: shredded beetroot with some kind of cheese

First course: king salmon confit with salmon caviar, apple & dill—the best course in my opinion


Wagyu beef cured & smoked with pickled cucumber


Roasted scallops with coorong pipis, calamari & hazelnut oil


John dory fillet with marscapone, fennel & salted grapes


Kifler potato poached in buttermilk with brioche, shaved truffle, roasted onions


Lamb loin with baked celeriac, sunflower seeds, lemon aspen & saltbush


Black sesame seed parfait with passionfruit jelly, yuzu & almonds! My 2nd favorite course


Petit fours: pepermint bark, chocolate pecan cup, orange chocolate stick


Overall: australian restaurants are apparently not included in the michelin star system so the local substitute is hats. ARIA has two chef hats and I can certainly see why.


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