Smorgasburg @ brooklyn bridge park

Smorgasburg is a food truck / food pop up / foodie’s paradise that happens every spring, summer & fall weekend in Brooklyn. Since it’s outdoors , it’s naturally one of the more dog friendly things to do in nyc.
On sundays it ‘s in brooklyn bridge park & on saturdays in williamsburg.

The biggest food trend & longest lines at smorgasburg were definitely for the ramen burger! The combination food craze stays strong with a burger that has ramen cakes in place of buns.

Buttermilk Channel’s chicken and waffles with balsamic maple and hot sauce


corn on the cob grilled with butter, cheese and chili20140518-183800-67080599.jpg





milk truck’s mac and cheese20140518-183800-67080393.jpg

my dog has his eye on that ramen burger!20140518-183801-67081336.jpg


blue marble organic ice cream: pistachio almondine and strawberry20140518-183802-67082167.jpg

passion fruit chia drink20140518-183801-67081965.jpg


perfect icy treat for crossing the brooklyn bridge on a hot day. 20140518-183803-67083414.jpg

there was even a tiny sand beach where dogs can play on leash–but not swim.  20140518-183802-67082574.jpg


I was impressed you could see the statue of liberty from brooklyn bridge park20140518-183802-67082774.jpg



Food doesn’t have a monopoly on creative truck use!  we ran into this paternity testing truck right under brooklyn bridge stairs entrance—hilarious.  And no, they weren’t giving out free samples…..20140518-183803-67083205.jpg

salted caramel topping on brownie-rice crispy sandwich20140518-183804-67084785.jpg




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