Fancy dim sum @ momofuku ma peche

Yum! I love me some cheap dim sum from canal street down in Chinatown but it’s nice to try the uptown fusiony dim sum of Momofuku’s David Chang.

First you must order a large plate from front side of menu, then the fancy dim sum carts come a-calling!

First of fancy dim sums: pork belly bun


Chilled pea soup–yummy admittedly not very asian


Lamb bacon salad with watercress


Lobster fried rice–potentially best thing from dim sum menu


Korean rice cakes with kale & mushroom! Kinda like an asian gnocci dish


Pig’s head terrine with rhubarb


Finally: momofuku’s delicious fried chicken–can choose half or full chicken–this is half & classic, there’s a habanero version but I’m too much of a spice wuss for that.



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