Last days of Frida Kahlo exhibit @ NYBG

Brought baby & met a friend to catch the final days of the popular Frida Kahlo exhibit at the New York Botanical Gardens in the bronx! Luckily we capitalized on the unseasonably warm late october weather—it was nearly 70 F & sunny.  

  Exhibit was based on the blue house/casa azul that Frida Kahlo & her husband artist Diego Rivera lived in & is now a museum in Mexico City.   
The exhibit was split between the plant based part in conservatory & the art part in library.  

  A succulent plant with sparkling raindrops!  
The casa Azul part of exhibit in conservatory was the better half of Frida exhibit –with a colorful dia de los muertos theme 

I adore the colorful mexican paper flags or papel picado.  

   Painting nook from Casa Azul 
Im glad i brought my skull & hearts tote! Fit in well with dia de los muertos theme.  


Mosaic frog fountain 
Kahlo was well known for using local plants in her art.  

  Bird of paradise   Spotted begonias 
My favorite part? The food truck of course! There was a clever food truck tie in with Casa Azul—the casa azul taco truck. Delicious. 

After lunch tummy time for baby 

The library part of NYBG Frida exhibit. My favorite installation was artist Humberto Spindola’s paper life size version of Kahlo’s famous two Fridas/dos Fridas painting. Apparently randomly during the exhibit’s run there is occassionally a real life rendering of las dos fridas with 2 actresses as living breathing Fridas. I wasnt lucky enough to catch that today. 

kahlo’s painting “Roots” from 1943 

 What a long day—nap time! 




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