The Whitney & the Highline 2016! 

Continuing baby’s tour of nyc’s many art museums, we head to the Whitney–recently relocated from the upper east side to the meatpacking district in may 2015.  We had a good friend visiting so headed there after lunch. 

Love this Man Ray painting with rainbow clouds!

Baby liked the views of the hudson river in this Renzo Piano building!

Loved this interactive exhibit with thermal imaging of the museum guests on a square platform–by Laura Poitras: Bed Down Location

The guys enjoying the work by Laura Poitras: astro noise

Synedoche by Byron Kim–a plethora of skin tones–we look for ours…

Woman with dog by Duane Hanson—creepy realistic😱😱😱😱

Giant man candle–unscented open plan: Michael Heizerbaby loved the yayoi kusama items in Whitney gift shop!
Now onto the Highline! My favorite elevated park/repurposed abandoned train tracks. 💕💕❤️


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