Harrods! Fantasy shopping at its best….

Harrods is probably the Most Luxurious department store…on earth. Sorry bloomingdales & saks 5th avenue but you lack the solid gold iphone case & millionaires’ fantasy gift section! Here are pics of my favorite over the top stuff —window shopping only–nobody I know has the funds for these items!

Aforementioned solid gold iPhone case –yes its 5300 £

Union jack elly!

Harrods doorman made of legos

Dog shaped speakers

Fendi baby shoes & shearling chairs 

Christian Dior & Gucci for baby girls–who knew ?

Really expensive vintagey looking rocking zebra

Chanel  crocodile or alligator bags!
Scale models of London landmarks 

Harrod’s fine art section this is made of rolled up currency–£55,000 😱

Fancy mod furniture 

Lalique glass!harrods entire store made of legos

I ❤️ harrod’s spy /surveillance section– probably the secret compartment pringles container is bordering on affordable 
 Now for the more affordable HARRODS souvenirs

(Chocolate) gold bar..

We ended up taking home a mini version of the british taxi & red bus for baby!


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