London’s Princess Diana memorial playground

Brought baby to continue her playground tour abroad: the Princess Di Memorial playground was nearest to where we were staying plus it is one of the biggest & nicest playgrounds in London!

The theme of the playground is Peter Pan-very appropriate as it is a very British & beloved story! 

We walked through Kensington Gardens past a beautiful pond with swans!

Past Kensington Palace–where the Princess lived.

Then to the playground: where a large wooden sculpture with fairies greets all children at the entrance 

First are the infant swings! Not particularly Peter Pan themed but a necessity in a playground!

Then hijinks on the high seas: pirate & sea monster themed sandbox area

Next a series of baby cottages & tractor

Next the huge pirate ship–the iconic showpiece of the playground

Then some giant teepees –Tiger Lily’s home in the Peter Pan universe 

Argh–a treasure chest!

Beautiful wisteria

Standing spinplate–like a merry-go-round had a baby with a sewer cover!

Spinning! It’s good for Moms too

Musical dance plates

This spinning wok/bowl thing had baby puzzled!i ❤️ this fairytale chair 

There was a really cool long (maybe 30 foot tunnel underneath a garden) for toddlers!

Peter Pan clocktower

Peek at Kensington Palace on way home!


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