Figment NYC Art Festival 2016 @ Governors Island

This participatory art festival (yes you can touch the art) took place this weekend (june 3-5).  We took baby for a fun day out!  

First a ferry ride departing from 10 South street–$2 per adult. 

Arriving at governors island, we were greeted by a make-your-own haiku stand–we made a haiku from the viewpoint of those left behind (aka the dog)

As a reward for writing haikus you get a sticker!
It’s sunny out! Time for sunscreen. 

It’s like Krang from teenage mutant ninja turtles

Giant ride on pony with light up eyes
During figment everyone is encouraged to dress up / be flamboyant. There’s even a free giveaway of halloween costumes–pirate hats, novelty tiaras, etc.

Dr seuss cat in hat hat! 

Tree mobile!
Inflatable lion & elephant

Tree-stacheprops from costume giveaway

Dual arrows

Inside the houses differt art collectives have installations–this one was a sound sculpture. 

The old houses have an abandoned haunted house vibe….

Another sound art installation

Next art collective house had three ladies dressed in mourning attire/black lace veils who lead you into a dark house with a video installation & a creepy rose petal trail

The next installation art house reminded me of the super elaborate semi creepy hoarderesque rooms in the hit theater installation Sleep No More

This room truly was participatory art! You can paint the walls! We painted our dog’s portrait! The house had a closet with sky!

Back outdoors–a colorful tree hanging

There was only 1 tiny gift shop hiding in an old house–it had that made in brooklyn-hipsterish vibe! From afar these flags looked like tulips
The ever popular mini golf course 

❤️ the giant versions of stuff like this iphone charger

Time for siesta!

Climbing timefood truck time

Baby’s favorite art: this ribbon installation
Next the holographic art collective house

The rebirth chamber!


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