Dinner at the Red Cat in Chelsea

We had an excellent dinner with friends in the Chelsea neighborhood in NYC at the Red Cat. 

Started with green bean tempera with mustard dipping sauce 😍

Then a bevy of appetizers including: foie gras and chicken liver terrine. 😱

Gnocci with in season fiddlehead ferns

Chilled corn soup

Grilled calamari

Next the main dishes!! 

Salmon with summer succotash of corn

Skirt steak with thinly sliced fingerling potatoes & mustard greens

Atlantic Hake with romesco & white beans

The glorious Coffee crusted rack of lamb!!!!

Before dessert:  yes surprisingly the restaurant is kid friendly
Now for the sweet courses! Dessert! 
I ordered the peanut butter mousse

Our friends got the chocolate cherry ice cream sandwich & the cinnamon nutmeg churros 😍😍😍

Last but not least, my guy got the pistachio semifreddo with hot fudge 

Overall this restaurant was a total surprise!! A hidden gem in chelsea. 


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