Eleven Madison Park: a dinner celebration 

Celebrating a birthday and an anniversary of parenthood, we set upon Eleven Madison Park–one of top restaurants in the world (no 3 on the san Pellegrino list). 

We start with a smattering of amuse bouches: a savory black and white cookie

Then some cocktails! Orange cease & desist & a dark spirited brooklyn 

More amuse bouches: Savoury cucumber & cheese

Eleven Madison Park’s take on “chips & salsa”: yellow heirloom tomatoes & yellow watermelon & tomato salsa. 

One bite: melon & cucumber–refreshing!

A variation on prosciutto e melone

For First proper course: foie gras tartlet for me 

 For him: crab salad

Next a wonderful play on traditional picnic: caviar picnic

What’s inside?

Picnic includes: savory tomato soda, picked mackerel & caviar with sturgeon cream cheese

Even the bread is sensational, with cheddar crumble butter

Veggie course: sunflowers for him

Corn for me!

Lobster boil for both

Next: dry aged beef with eggplant & marrow  puree

Duck breast: 

tomato & corn sides 

The pre-dessert cheese course–cheese puff with sweet jam & basil meringue

Grilled strawberries 

 Chocolate matching quiz!!  Match the leaf on chocolate wrapper to the animal whose milk is in the chocolate bar.  Grade: D+…… Eek we need to study some more. 

Cappucino goes sooo well with chocolate 


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