Kickstarter Fest in Fort Greene brooklyn

We checked out the first Kickstarter Fest in Fort Greene Park in brooklyn!  It was lively but not crowded due to the light drizzling rain. 

The event centered around multiple games and small businesses that use kickstarter to raise funds.

Highlights include exploding kittens card game with huge giant sized cards, virtual reality headsets (though the wait to use these was really rather too long), food trucks, giant beer pong games, light & art installations, boneyard pets…..

Exploding kittens even had free cookies that look like the playing cards & avatars from the game’s app!! Yum. 

Giant beer pong and  Some awesome light art installations! Like lite brite 3d!

Food trucks! Best were ramen & thai noodles!  Drunken noodles with shrimp. 

Seared tuna ramenthai iced teaboneyard pets! These really cool toys come normal & mega sized. 

There was candle making class.  $10 gets you a custom decorated coconut wax candle from KEAP with one of their signature scents

There were also DJs, some musical performances & a really cool light installation in the trees near the dance area so it was like a Techno Forest! 
Voila! Even better in darkness

There was strobe lights & a dance party in the rain! Some other cool light art installations!

Let there be night!


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