Pop up dinner extraordinaire: Le Savoir by Bompas & Parr

An Amazing & immersive dinner experience by Bompas & Parr (food visual artists based in London) popped up for a week in NYC in late August 2016.   It was like a combination of immersive acting/creepy funhouse (akin to Sleep No More) & a dinner party 

The event took place in skylight clarkson –a large & easily customizable open space in the South Village/TriBeCa area

Malted barley drink!! The food is meant To reflect winter spring summer & autumn. 

Spring/Edible Garden: filled with edible soil, infused tomatoes, & vintage sanatorium uniform clad actors performing in character silence—very Sleep No More-esque


A trio of infused vine tomatoes with strawberry, worcestershire & chili–yum!

Edible soil with radish & carrots
  Mushroom pate  
 Piles of Parma ham chips


Once the edible garden was complete we were escorted through a passageway with light beam installations

To the greenhouse main dining area!

Is this just an ordinary candle?

No: it’s a beef tallow candle with caraway spice meant to be used in place of butter for the rolls. Why isn’t this more common? It’s ingenious!!

A punk McBeth type actor gives dinners instructions (the Sleep No More comparisons know no end)

I love how the panels of the greenhouse walls change during dinner (winter summer autumn & night sky)

  Unlimited Stella Artois beer & sparkling cider!  
Pork belly & pork loin with Chinese broccoli, sticky rice cube, soybean pate, sweet roasted pineapple, ginger & plum jus

A pineapple infused cascading mist!


Dessert: honey jelly, goat cheese, crunchy malted barley granola & red berry compote…looks one way in the light

& another in the dark (aka black light) Bompas & parr are well known for their gelatin food art so this jelly dessert was not a complete surprise 

Next some performances… Very acrobatic.  
Professional dancers–on tables



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