The Great Big Bacon Picnic 

When I read about the 2nd annual Great Big Bacon Picnic—I knew it was something we could not miss!  Held at the old Pfizer factory in brooklyn, it was a carnivorous free for all!  First was the bacon bar….just tons of bacon buffet style

Next a meat patty with bacon dust

Next bacon avocado deviled egg

Meatball bacon bite

Bacon salad

Bacon jerky

Bacon blt from bareburger

Bacon bread pudding

My personal fav—bacon wrapped gorgonzola stuffed date

Bacon tacos

Bacon chocolate chip cookies

Bacon cranberry  jam waffle

Bacon curry puff

Bacon ufo from veselkas

Bacon morning sandwich with egg ice cream bacon & biscuit

Bacon bloody mary

Thick cut bacon with pepper glaze

Elderberry apple cider

Bacon flavored vodka

Bacon chocolate egg cream

Bacon games: bacon toss some piglets playing cornhole

Inflatable bowling

Bacon burgers

Apple cider & ginger liquer cocktail from intense liquers

Some tasty gimlets

Bacon toffee

Bacon puff

Beignets with bacon & praline sauce

Veggie burger (Why?) with bacon sauce



After all that bacon & booze you need a nap–good thing there was a nap truck from Casper the mattress company


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