Halloween Howl @ Carl Schurz Park 2016

There are many dog costume contests in NYC–this is one of the earlier ones in October.  

Perfect weather meant the crowds came out !

 There were so many great dogs costumes; here’s a few of my favorites:




From Netflix’s smash hit Stranger Things the Wall & Eleven

Then they meet another Stranger Things dog version of Eleven plus Dustin 

Pokeball from Pokémon 



Half of Cellino & Barnes/barks

A mummy & pharoah 

Toothpaste & brush 

Where’s Waldo?

Thing 1 &Thing 2


Bees & beekeepers

Cop & donut

Alice in wonderland, Cheshire Cat & teapot 

Cupcake & baker

Super dog & superman car

Eggs & bacon 

Hamburger, ketchup & fries



Wonder Woman 


Sherlock Holmes 

Breast cancer awareness cow

Super girl dogs

Spaghetti & meatballs 

Curious George, man in yellow hat & bananas

Where the Wild Things Are

Magic Schoolbus 

Wonka Bar

Voting ballot box

Pan Am stewardess 

Starbucks frappuccino 

The Wall enjoyed dazzling the crowds with custom twinkling lights 


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