Eureka Pop up restaurant @ Kava

We were very curious about Flynn McGarry’s popup restaurant Eureka.  McGarry is notable for having staged fine dining at a very young age (like a Doogie Houser meets Momofuku/Eleven Madison Park).  Eureka makes multiple month stints in Nyc & LA at shifting locations–this time at Kava (803 Washington st in nyc).  

The young chef below

First course: foie gras on ritz cracker. (torchon with quince & peanut)

Next sunchoke with grain emulsion & sourdough chip

Broccoli florets glazed in summer tomato & molasses accompanied by broccoli leaves dried over coals with fermented green tomato & shrimp 

Maine sea urchin brined in sea water with carrot & coffee** this was my favorite 

Toast soaked in gruyere fat & maple syrup 

Montauk pearl oysters poached with fresh tofu & potato skins

Young potatoes roasted in yogurt with sprouting grains and mussels

King crab stew with braised leeks rose & grapefruit 

Red kuri squash glazed in pumpkin char sui with yogurt and lime 

Aged beet with bordelaise & tea made from the beet greens 

Pheasant with celeriac au vin and mustard

Now for the sweets! Concord grapes & sage

Barley ice cream with dark spiced cake & poached pears


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