Tompkins Square Dog Park’s Howloween 2016

Our dog showcased his Stranger Things’ Wall costume once more at the 26th annual Tompkins square dog parade. This time we added a demogorgon (the carnivorous flower faced monster) to the mix.

Waiting to enter judging area (Giuliana Rancic was the celebrity judge today). Rain didn’t stop big crowds from showing today 

Our normally comprehensive cataloging of dog costumes was cut short this year due to the cold and rainy weather but here are some of our favorites! 

Trojan horse & roman soldiers 

Harry Potter & friends 

Game of Thrones: daenarys & three dragon eggs

Joker & jokermobile 

Chik-fil-A dog


The purple one: Prince 

Freddy Kruger & taco

Sweet Shoppe (the grand prize winner) 🍭🍬🍭🍬🍭🍬🍭🍬


Three headed dogkissing booth 

Calypso lady 

Psychic/Tarot card reader

Fisherwoman & Orca

Danny & Sandy from Grease

Flower box & bee & ladybug 



Star Wars: obi wan kenobi

Totoro (my favorite!!)

Campbell soup can!! 

Post judging: the Wall & Eleven bask in spotlight 

Eleven wanted to see what being a demogorgon feels like….

Photoprops at the Beggin strips photobooth

Goodnight sweet Bichon (time to R-U-N)


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