The Great Pupkin at Fort Greene Park 2016

Rounding up the final weekend of Nyc dog costume contests was the 18th annual Great Pupkin at Fort Greene park in Brooklyn.   

There were some familiar dogs we saw last week at Tompkins square, but overall a more eclectic and zany bunch of costumes.  

First—a dog dressed as a Chanel bag accompanied by Karl Lagerfeld / longtime Chanel head designer! 

Ooh! The Milkman is looking for this dog…

This was the first Mr. Robot themed costume I’ve seen—loved it!

Next Good Humor Ice cream Truck & treats

Strawberry Eclair

Iris Apfel–fashion icon

Smores!! 🔥⛺️

Farm Fresh Chicken Eggs 🍳 

Lumberjack’s best friends: chainsaw & log

Punk Rocker

Flying monkees from the Wizard of Oz

Of course we brought our Stranger Things wall & Eleven

Mario, yoshi & princess peach

And finally a bichon inspires his humans to dress up as a gaggle of bichons

Perfect end to October 


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