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The Great Pupkin at Fort Greene Park 2016

Rounding up the final weekend of Nyc dog costume contests was the 18th annual Great Pupkin at Fort Greene park in Brooklyn.   

There were some familiar dogs we saw last week at Tompkins square, but overall a more eclectic and zany bunch of costumes.  

First—a dog dressed as a Chanel bag accompanied by Karl Lagerfeld / longtime Chanel head designer! 

Ooh! The Milkman is looking for this dog…

This was the first Mr. Robot themed costume I’ve seen—loved it!

Next Good Humor Ice cream Truck & treats

Strawberry Eclair

Iris Apfel–fashion icon

Smores!! 🔥⛺️

Farm Fresh Chicken Eggs 🍳 

Lumberjack’s best friends: chainsaw & log

Punk Rocker

Flying monkees from the Wizard of Oz

Of course we brought our Stranger Things wall & Eleven

Mario, yoshi & princess peach

And finally a bichon inspires his humans to dress up as a gaggle of bichons

Perfect end to October 


The Great Big Bacon Picnic 

When I read about the 2nd annual Great Big Bacon Picnic—I knew it was something we could not miss!  Held at the old Pfizer factory in brooklyn, it was a carnivorous free for all!  First was the bacon bar….just tons of bacon buffet style

Next a meat patty with bacon dust

Next bacon avocado deviled egg

Meatball bacon bite

Bacon salad

Bacon jerky

Bacon blt from bareburger

Bacon bread pudding

My personal fav—bacon wrapped gorgonzola stuffed date

Bacon tacos

Bacon chocolate chip cookies

Bacon cranberry  jam waffle

Bacon curry puff

Bacon ufo from veselkas

Bacon morning sandwich with egg ice cream bacon & biscuit

Bacon bloody mary

Thick cut bacon with pepper glaze

Elderberry apple cider

Bacon flavored vodka

Bacon chocolate egg cream

Bacon games: bacon toss some piglets playing cornhole

Inflatable bowling

Bacon burgers

Apple cider & ginger liquer cocktail from intense liquers

Some tasty gimlets

Bacon toffee

Bacon puff

Beignets with bacon & praline sauce

Veggie burger (Why?) with bacon sauce



After all that bacon & booze you need a nap–good thing there was a nap truck from Casper the mattress company

Kickstarter Fest in Fort Greene brooklyn

We checked out the first Kickstarter Fest in Fort Greene Park in brooklyn!  It was lively but not crowded due to the light drizzling rain. 

The event centered around multiple games and small businesses that use kickstarter to raise funds.

Highlights include exploding kittens card game with huge giant sized cards, virtual reality headsets (though the wait to use these was really rather too long), food trucks, giant beer pong games, light & art installations, boneyard pets…..

Exploding kittens even had free cookies that look like the playing cards & avatars from the game’s app!! Yum. 

Giant beer pong and  Some awesome light art installations! Like lite brite 3d!

Food trucks! Best were ramen & thai noodles!  Drunken noodles with shrimp. 

Seared tuna ramenthai iced teaboneyard pets! These really cool toys come normal & mega sized. 

There was candle making class.  $10 gets you a custom decorated coconut wax candle from KEAP with one of their signature scents

There were also DJs, some musical performances & a really cool light installation in the trees near the dance area so it was like a Techno Forest! 
Voila! Even better in darkness

There was strobe lights & a dance party in the rain! Some other cool light art installations!

Let there be night!

Cherry Blossom Season at Brooklyn Botanical Garden 2016

Ventured out to the brooklyn botanical gardens near Prospect Park in late april to catch the peak of the cherry blossoms.  The sakura festival was just a few days away on the weekend but trying to avoid the crowds I went there on a thursday. 

Curled ferns….The most beautiful shade of pink!

Closeup of cherry tree bark

Prepping for sakura festival

My favorite sophia webster flatsmy best candy necklace

my favorite hello kitty swarovski necklace

My dad brought this flower crown from shanghai china…couldn’t resist bringing it to brooklyn

Peonydelicate tissue thin petals of the peony

Petals litter the ground


Escape to Coney Island

Took Advantage of the final days of off season at the nyc beaches–when dogs are allowed on the sand & water of coney island & other public nyc beaches. To my surprise the beach & boardwalk were far from deserted!We took the D train down & had subway car all to ourselves.

The coney island wall art is as colorful as the amusement park itself!

My dog liked these the best!

Then hotdogs & chili cheese fries from Nathan’s famous–the biggest location where the annual fourth of july hot dog eating contest is held. 

Took baby to playground right on the ocean!

Then sunning on beach!

Mermaid photoshoot! Followed by gelato at Coneys Cones

Smorgasburg Sundays! Food truckery in brooklyn

The smorgasburg is a weekend food truck/food stand heaven held in brooklyn every saturday & sunday 11am-6pm april-november. Perennial favorites like the ramen burger often have the longest lines—but its the original!



Round two: scotch egg variants offered: chorizo, chicken sausage, a vegetarian option—we chose chorizo with avocado sauce


Next a new stand: Duck Season featuring duck confit on the bone, in sliders, sandwiches, crispy duck rinds & duck fat potatoes!!!



My dog wants human food!



Coolest thing about smorgasburg sundays? Walking back to manhattan along the waterfront & over the brooklyn bridge! We saw this funky rock painted to look like cheese crushing mickey mouse on route.
That donut sandwich is from the Bite Size Kitchen stand–two glazed donut halves around pickled cucumber & roast porkbelly! Interesting idea but probably not a repeat item for us.