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The Glass House x Yayoi Kusama

In September this year there was a fantastic art-meets-architecture collaboration between Philip Johnson’s famed Glass House & the uber successful Japanese artist Yayoi Kusama.  

After checking your stuff at the gift shop, a shuttle bus drives you to the Glass House in New Canaan,CT

First thing you see is a severe looking gate 

Good thing the weather was perfect 

Then we approached the glass house on foot–the architect designed the house to slowly reveal itself in an undulating fashion 

Normally the house has clear glass walls but artist Yayoi Kusama is famous for her polka dot installations and so had covered the house in bright red polka dots

It was breathtaking!


Eureka Pop up restaurant @ Kava

We were very curious about Flynn McGarry’s popup restaurant Eureka.  McGarry is notable for having staged fine dining at a very young age (like a Doogie Houser meets Momofuku/Eleven Madison Park).  Eureka makes multiple month stints in Nyc & LA at shifting locations–this time at Kava (803 Washington st in nyc).  

The young chef below

First course: foie gras on ritz cracker. (torchon with quince & peanut)

Next sunchoke with grain emulsion & sourdough chip

Broccoli florets glazed in summer tomato & molasses accompanied by broccoli leaves dried over coals with fermented green tomato & shrimp 

Maine sea urchin brined in sea water with carrot & coffee** this was my favorite 

Toast soaked in gruyere fat & maple syrup 

Montauk pearl oysters poached with fresh tofu & potato skins

Young potatoes roasted in yogurt with sprouting grains and mussels

King crab stew with braised leeks rose & grapefruit 

Red kuri squash glazed in pumpkin char sui with yogurt and lime 

Aged beet with bordelaise & tea made from the beet greens 

Pheasant with celeriac au vin and mustard

Now for the sweets! Concord grapes & sage

Barley ice cream with dark spiced cake & poached pears

The Great Big Bacon Picnic 

When I read about the 2nd annual Great Big Bacon Picnic—I knew it was something we could not miss!  Held at the old Pfizer factory in brooklyn, it was a carnivorous free for all!  First was the bacon bar….just tons of bacon buffet style

Next a meat patty with bacon dust

Next bacon avocado deviled egg

Meatball bacon bite

Bacon salad

Bacon jerky

Bacon blt from bareburger

Bacon bread pudding

My personal fav—bacon wrapped gorgonzola stuffed date

Bacon tacos

Bacon chocolate chip cookies

Bacon cranberry  jam waffle

Bacon curry puff

Bacon ufo from veselkas

Bacon morning sandwich with egg ice cream bacon & biscuit

Bacon bloody mary

Thick cut bacon with pepper glaze

Elderberry apple cider

Bacon flavored vodka

Bacon chocolate egg cream

Bacon games: bacon toss some piglets playing cornhole

Inflatable bowling

Bacon burgers

Apple cider & ginger liquer cocktail from intense liquers

Some tasty gimlets

Bacon toffee

Bacon puff

Beignets with bacon & praline sauce

Veggie burger (Why?) with bacon sauce



After all that bacon & booze you need a nap–good thing there was a nap truck from Casper the mattress company

Cheetos Museum popup at grand central

Ok I’m going to admit I only went to this because it’s on my way home & included a free bag of snacks & it took all of 10 minutes. Still There’s something oddly appealing to looking at cheetos that to someone, somewhere looked like a cat or a seahorse or a family of three!! It’s like gazing at clouds & seeing your future….  

A fish out of water cheeto!

Parrot cheeto

Pelican cheeto

Trio of seahorses

Scorpion cheetomom & babyguy with backpacksaxophonescat

Cheeto skeletons 

Running man

Kickstarter Fest in Fort Greene brooklyn

We checked out the first Kickstarter Fest in Fort Greene Park in brooklyn!  It was lively but not crowded due to the light drizzling rain. 

The event centered around multiple games and small businesses that use kickstarter to raise funds.

Highlights include exploding kittens card game with huge giant sized cards, virtual reality headsets (though the wait to use these was really rather too long), food trucks, giant beer pong games, light & art installations, boneyard pets…..

Exploding kittens even had free cookies that look like the playing cards & avatars from the game’s app!! Yum. 

Giant beer pong and  Some awesome light art installations! Like lite brite 3d!

Food trucks! Best were ramen & thai noodles!  Drunken noodles with shrimp. 

Seared tuna ramenthai iced teaboneyard pets! These really cool toys come normal & mega sized. 

There was candle making class.  $10 gets you a custom decorated coconut wax candle from KEAP with one of their signature scents

There were also DJs, some musical performances & a really cool light installation in the trees near the dance area so it was like a Techno Forest! 
Voila! Even better in darkness

There was strobe lights & a dance party in the rain! Some other cool light art installations!

Let there be night!

Eleven Madison Park: a dinner celebration 

Celebrating a birthday and an anniversary of parenthood, we set upon Eleven Madison Park–one of top restaurants in the world (no 3 on the san Pellegrino list). 

We start with a smattering of amuse bouches: a savory black and white cookie

Then some cocktails! Orange cease & desist & a dark spirited brooklyn 

More amuse bouches: Savoury cucumber & cheese

Eleven Madison Park’s take on “chips & salsa”: yellow heirloom tomatoes & yellow watermelon & tomato salsa. 

One bite: melon & cucumber–refreshing!

A variation on prosciutto e melone

For First proper course: foie gras tartlet for me 

 For him: crab salad

Next a wonderful play on traditional picnic: caviar picnic

What’s inside?

Picnic includes: savory tomato soda, picked mackerel & caviar with sturgeon cream cheese

Even the bread is sensational, with cheddar crumble butter

Veggie course: sunflowers for him

Corn for me!

Lobster boil for both

Next: dry aged beef with eggplant & marrow  puree

Duck breast: 

tomato & corn sides 

The pre-dessert cheese course–cheese puff with sweet jam & basil meringue

Grilled strawberries 

 Chocolate matching quiz!!  Match the leaf on chocolate wrapper to the animal whose milk is in the chocolate bar.  Grade: D+…… Eek we need to study some more. 

Cappucino goes sooo well with chocolate 

Dinner at the Red Cat in Chelsea

We had an excellent dinner with friends in the Chelsea neighborhood in NYC at the Red Cat. 

Started with green bean tempera with mustard dipping sauce 😍

Then a bevy of appetizers including: foie gras and chicken liver terrine. 😱

Gnocci with in season fiddlehead ferns

Chilled corn soup

Grilled calamari

Next the main dishes!! 

Salmon with summer succotash of corn

Skirt steak with thinly sliced fingerling potatoes & mustard greens

Atlantic Hake with romesco & white beans

The glorious Coffee crusted rack of lamb!!!!

Before dessert:  yes surprisingly the restaurant is kid friendly
Now for the sweet courses! Dessert! 
I ordered the peanut butter mousse

Our friends got the chocolate cherry ice cream sandwich & the cinnamon nutmeg churros 😍😍😍

Last but not least, my guy got the pistachio semifreddo with hot fudge 

Overall this restaurant was a total surprise!! A hidden gem in chelsea.